Error setting cacheDir to a relative folder since 0.52

I prefer to checkin the cache of the resources downloaded from the internet via getCSV and getJSON along with the source code (just like resources) and therefore had set the cache directory to be cache via config.json

cacheDir: cache

Even after clearing the directory created with hugo 0.50, I get the following error:
Error: failed to create file caches from configuration: "cache/" must resolve to an absolute directory

Is there a way to have a relative cacheDir in hugo 0.52+?

What you can do is:

dir = ":resourceDir/_gen"
maxAge = -1
dir = ":resourceDir/_gen"
maxAge = -1

Or something.

Also see

I may have been wrong in my assumptions there …

Thanks. This works - puts the getjson responses in the resources folder.