Change location of resources directory

Is there a way to change the location of the resources directory? We had difficulty reproducing CI errors locally because of a gitignored resources directory.

You can set the resourceDir in your config file

Also, from Hugo 0.52, see:

What’s misleading about this is that the resourceDir and cacheDir options aren’t listed in the way other options are.

This is the value of the cacheDir config option if set (can also be set via OS env variable HUGO_CACHEDIR )

This is the value of the resourceDir config option.

As a reader I don’t find this reassuring and would then go looking for the corresponding options alongside the rest.

Instead of:


See Configure File Caches

It would be better if it read:

cacheDir (“default_path”)

Sets the location …

For more information, see Configure File Caches

Same for resourceDir.

I could create a PR for this, but only if you agree with the sentiment first. I still have a doc PR sitting ignored without comment.

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