Error message when rendering

I am getting this error message when trying to render the material docs theme using the example setup.

ERROR: 2016/05/22 Error while rendering section : template: theme/_default/list.html:30:17: executing "theme/_default/list.html" at <markdownify>: wrong type for value; expected string; got template.HTML

any ideas?

Hi - please supply your git repo, or, perhaps a github gist of the file that’s not working. --Rick

@digitalcraftsman may know better, but I suspect that that theme is prematurely upgraded to the latest Hugo 0.16-DEV, which is long over due … It should be fixed in the theme so it will work with Hugo 0.15.

This is where the error points to: {{ .Summary | markdownify }}.

What is in your summary? If you have not designated the summary via the <!--more--> tag, Hugo takes the first 70 words of your post and designates them as summary.

Hello @Jennifer_Sturgis,

there was already an issue on Github:

However, I (the theme maintainer) fixed this issue in this commit.

If the issue is still present please leave a note in the linked issue on GitHub above. For other issues please contact me directly by creating another issue.