Ubuntu and themes


I just want to setup a simple hugo site, but it seems not possible. I’m using hugo version 0.15+git20160206.203.ed23711-1 from ubuntu xenial xerus repository and the “hugo-starter” theme from hugo themes.

Now there are errors like

  • incomplete theme
  • error while rendering taxonomy terms
  • function … not defined (template.go) and so on

Should I install hugo from github? Is the ubuntu version too old? Are there any simple themes that are working with the old ubuntu version?

0.40.1-1 from Bionic Beaver renders the headings.

Hi there,

0.15 (and even 0.40) is quite old for Hugo, which is currently at 0.64.1.

Have a read here for instructions on how to install Hugo.


Ok, installed the most recent version and the soho theme is working fine now.

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