Error in link mainlmenu


i create a theme for learn hugo with bulma frameworks css
Today i was wish create a link in my menu in config.toml
But is link to a test page in layout/nous.html and my link don’t work.
I can’t create a new link actualy and i don’t understand why :frowning:
my repository : myrepo

Could you help me please or give indications

thank you very munch

I think you’ve mixed up a few things.

  1. There shouldn’t be front matter in a layout template
  2. You need something in the /content directory which uses the nous.html page layout. To do this, you’ll need to set type = nous in the front matter.
  3. I’m pretty sure you need to put your nous.html layout (with front matter removed) in either the blog or _default directory.

See Are sections used for layout lookup when a page has a custom content type? for some helpful pointers (and there’s other threads on this topic to be found too.)

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