Error building fresh site - Academic Theme. V5 module compatibility issues?


I was using and old Hugo site with academic without problems (always locally).

I am trying to migrate my old content to this new wowchemy complicated stuff. I just followed the instructions here to install locally (Ubuntu 18): Quickstart your Hugo website with this Hugo tutorial. Followed all steps and when trying to test a pair of themes, I got a warning an then some errors. Looks like they are related through v5, but not sure since I don’t understand yet the Wowchemy way of working.

My hugo version is 0.104.2. I tried also with 0.104.0
Ubuntu 18.04

  1. Warning:
    WARN 2022/09/30 13:03:07 Module “” is not compatible with this Hugo version; run “hugo mod graph” for more information.

  2. Errors: There are 5 similar to this one:
    ERROR 2022/09/30 13:03:07 render of “page” failed: “/tmp/hugo_cache/modules/filecache/modules/pkg/mod/”: execute of template failed: template: book/single.html:5:3: executing “book/single.html” at <partial “site_head” .>: error calling partial: “/tmp/hugo_cache/modules/filecache/modules/pkg/mod/”: execute of template failed: template: partials/site_head.html:183:56: executing “partials/site_head.html” at <resources.Concat>: error calling Concat: resources in Concat must be of the same Media Type, got “text/x-scss” and “text/css”

If you could help me, I would really appreciate. Thanks!

Make sure you’re using Hugo Extended. Also, I recommend you to join the Discord server for receiving help (I’m one of the moderators).


Hi Rodri!

Yeah! That was my fault. Thought the download link was pointing directly to extended versions, but need to look for it specifically. Just download the extended one and it is working. Thanks a lot!

BTW, great work with “fisicaquimicamente”. Congrats!

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