Error 404 Page Not Found using Shell Template

When I try to access a .md file via the config.toml the hyperlink gives me a 404 error. I’ve gone to the developer’s Github repo and followed their instructions to fix that issue and I’m still getting an error. It’s only with the markdown files as well, if I have a link there to YouTube then it works perfectly fine.

the config.toml file has

  use = true
  folderName = "my_activity"
  files = [ 
    ["~/About Me$", "./content/post/"],

The markdown file contains

title: "About Me"
date: 2022-04-24T14:26:22-04:00
draft: false
# it works!!

On the Github to the template, it says this

  • Post does not show up (return 404 not found)
    • There are two possible causes for this.
      1. Forgot to add -D (–buildDrafts) as an argument to the hugo command
      2. The front matter of the post’s .md file has “draft: true” set.

but neither of those things have worked so I’m lost on where to go.

Instead of just taking your words and explanation of the mistake, why don’t you include the terminal error message here so that people can look at it? Please do so.

  1. from the line hugo server-D the terminal error

  2. Type in the URL you’re trying to reach.

  3. the content directory’s structure