[SOLVED] Always getting 404 after changing theme

I used another theme and my website was working but after I saw a nice theme and I simply changed it. From that moment I’m only getting in my site an error:

404 page not found

On browser, on devtools no errors. Hugo in the terminal seems to render everything correctly and here is my config file:

baseurl = "my-url"
relativeURLs = false
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "My Name"
disqusShortname = "username"
paginate = 5
theme = "hugo-geo"

	tag = "tags"

	# Render the rotating globe in the sidebar
	showglobe = true
	# Google Analytics
	analytics = ""

	# Social buttons for sidebar
	github = "https://github.com/"
	twitter = "https://twitter.com/"
	linkedin = "https://linkedin.com/"
	# Sidebar profile picture
	profilepic = "mypic.jpg"
	# Title/subtitle for the sidebar
	title = "My Name"
	subtitle = "Frontend Developer"
	# Nav links below the profile picture
	name = "About"
	url = "about/"
	name = "Blog"
	url = "posts/"

Any ideas? I have now the same issue if i revert to old template that was working. :confused:

Non of my pages is working:

Which must mean there is something we’re not seeing, so you’ll have to post the whole site (GitHub link) for us to be able to help you.


This is the public though I hope it’s good enough. BUT as I see the public is working, the localserver though gives always 404.

The working public site doesn’t help. Run hugo server -v for more output.

Guys sorry I have no idea after a restart everything works as charm. Didn’t change anything.

Thx though.