Emote: new free comment system

Hi guys!

I just got an email from Ezoic announcing a new free comment system called Emote. It’s free and seems to be able to import comments from WordPress and Disqus.

Emote Is Free For All Websites

Introducing Emote a simple, free commenting system available to any website; whether they use Ezoic or not. Add Emote however and wherever you want in less than a minute. We [made it free for a reason].

Everything you need, nothing you don’t:

  • Add to sites, pages, or locations easily

  • Truly Free. No Ads or Rug Pulls.

  • AI moderation saves time approving comments

  • Fast! No bloat, no new plugins

  • Seamlessly import or export comments

Check here for details.

I like Giscus, but with this comment system I would be able to easily import comments from Disqus (that I used for years).

What do you guys think? What’s the catch? Free first, paid later - like Disqus did?

I just had a quick look to the landing page, and to the (obscur) pricing page.

It’s not clear to me where are the data (the comments) stored

I guess I’ll stay with Cusdis for now


They are different things.

Ezoic is an ads platform, like Google AdSense. Emote was made by them, but you don’t need to use them.

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There’s no such thing as a free lunch.


Yep. And that link in the OP is very SEO-optimised :wink: I wouldn’t be surprised if other SSG communities have a similar discussion going on right now.

It can’t be worse than Disqus, can it?

Both are corporate solutions that want our data, but at least this one is ad-free for all users. My feeling is that they’ll probably follow Disqus’ path, of free first, then after becoming popular it’s either paid or full with strange ads.

Anyway, I tried it yesterday and it doesn’t seem to be operational yet. Importing comments from Disqus went without errors, but I can’t see comments anywhere in the dashboard.

Also, there is an universal snippet available, but the snippet for the comment section is not available - it just says “Content for the Comment Sections tab goes here”.

So it seems that their marketing team is working faster than their programmers…

For privacy advocates, this is not a good selling point.

I just implemented Giscus. Is the only problem with it a diffultly importing comments from Disqus?

That, and the fact that your visitors need to have a GitHub account. Depending on your audience that’s not always convenient.


Indeed, I had thousands of comments in Disqus, but with Giscus visitors hardly comment now.

Unfortunately most visitors don’t care about their privacy, they just want to use the comment system they have been using for years.

On the other hand, I do like to be a pioneer and early adopt better technologies. I’ll stick with Giscus.


It’s finally operational.

The imported comments from Disqus already appear on the admin dashboard, then I just needed to copy the HTML code to the comment section of the theme I’m using.

It still looks very rudimentary (in beta stage).

If you want to know how it looks like you can check my blog. At the moment I’m just testing and have both emote and Giscus comment systems active.