Embed Facebook Feed

I’d like to embed a facebook feed of most recent posts on my wife’s site. I’ve never been on facebook so I’m a noob here. Facebook doesn’t seem to make this easy, like instagram. Is this even possible?

From what I gather, I need to use an access token, which shouldn’t be used client side. I was thinking I might be able to use aws lambda…

Tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

That’s not a Hugo question, but you might start with FB’s dev docs:


Edit: this looks promising:


I have spent considerable time with the fb docs. My situation with FB is unique to hugo and static sites in general. I came here hoping some other hugo users had a tip on how to display a feed of recent posts from their facebook page. I shouldn’t have use the word ‘display’, what I really want is the data and I’ll handle the display.

Yes, the page-plugin looks promising but that is not what I’m looking for. The user feed is really what I’m after:


But the issue with access tokens arises. I’m trying to avoid server side code since my site is static.

So, to other hugo users, is there a an option?