Embedding Facebook in a template


I was hoping someone can help me. I’m using a Hugo template for a website and I was wondering if there’s any way of embedding a Facebook on it using


Thanks :slight_smile:

Need to be a little more specific. :slightly_smiling:

I’m trying to embed a facebook iFrame using the facebook developer plugin. I’ve tied quoting the code snippets on here but it doesn’t let me. I was just wondering if anyone’s had any experience doing this?


Which template are you using? That way we can advise you which files to possibly edit etc.

I have written a blog post on how to do this. Please have a look and if you have further questions, please ask again.


I’m still working on it to make it better. I’m a new author. :slightly_smiling:

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Hi Hash,

Thanks for the reply and the link to your site. I’m using the [Universal theme] http://themes.gohugo.io/hugo-universal-theme/
I’ve tried pasting the Facebook developer code into the template html (single.html) just before the tag and that seems fine i.e doesnt crash out the page, but I can’t seem to figure out where to put the code for the actual plugin to appear.
I was thinking of using the [params.see_more] section.

Again, thanks for help.

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The Javascript code goes in the head section of your template, and the actual html code goes in single.html.

Nothing should be going into config.toml or [params]

The head section of my template? is that the single.html?

Code from Step 2 goes here:

https://github.com/devcows/hugo-universal-theme/blob/master/layouts/partials/scripts.html (or perhaps here)
Facebook’s Javascript code goes in the scripts.html or the head.html file. You decide.

The code for step 3 goes here:

Thanks so I can put the Facebook Java code in the …/partials/scripts.html

and the

Step 3 code in the …_default/single.html - should it go anywhere before the tag?

Sounds right. Play around with it and figure it out. See how it works. See where the FB code for step 3 works.

“The Seeing… is the Doing.” - Hash Borgir

Thanks - I will :slightly_smiling: