Elementary question - outlines

Sorry I realize this is a very basic question but I’m attempting to do something similar as in this page - https://berto.github.io/ (Not my page)

But I’m running into an issue where I have /blog and /about in my content dir but the /about content is being displayed the same as the /blog content. So instead of displaying links to other content like this for the blog:

$ cat blog.md


title = “We don’t say much”

date = 2018-10-23


How do I just get it to display a page w/o it adding the date and an entry? Hopefully that makes sense, but ref the page for what I’m trying to convey. Thanks.

I don’t understand. Can you say it differently, or point to a specific page and element?

Yeah I was interested in the about page in that link. How was that achieved as a single static page? https://berto.github.io/about/

I see my mistake. About is a dir inside content when it just needs to be a .md file in my case. Thanks.