Edit /tags/ page without affecting /tags/*

Hi there. I’m trying to configure the main tags list page, but without changing the subsequent tag list pages. In other words, I want to change /tags/ only, not /tags/*.

My issue is that when I edit /layouts/tags/list.html is applies to /tags/* when just want to modify /tags/.

Could someone give me a nudge in the right direction?

Thank you.

Look at:

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What do you mean by “configure”? Are you trying to create custom layouts, or make some other change?

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t read your original post carefully enough! The links that jmooring provided should be helpful. In this case, perhaps instead of using /layouts/tags/list.html, you might do /layouts/_default/taxonomy.html?

Hi, thanks for the response. My goal is to have /tags/ have some additional details that its subpages won’t. Upon placing my tags file in /layouts/tags/list.html what I got what I was looking for, but upon restarting HUGO I saw it was a cache issue and the change I wanted wasn’t actually in place.

So, I think I’m close, but I’m still unable to target just the tags page. Right now, going to /tags/tag_name shows a broken version of the /tags/ page.

create folder tags in content and inside it create _index.md file with following content:

title: "List of Tags"
description: "A list of tags used across website"

If this is not what you looking, please clarify

Thanks, that wasn’t exactly what I need, but I found that /layouts/tags/terms.html works but may not be the best way of doing it. Do you have any info on that?

What info?

Could you answer questions from above what you trying to change?

Hi. My goal is to use a custom html page in it’s place and show a list of all tags on it using my own methods. The issue is that I only want to change /tags/ but not /tags/* also.

You found your layout file, open it in editor and try changing it and see how it will go. Nothing else we can advise.

Is that the correct one? I’m unsure because there are so many options.

The lookup order tables that I referenced above are organized by page kind and output format. Within each grouping they are listed by specificity, the most specific at the top of the list.

This is perhaps the easiest to understand:

├── baseof.html
├── home.html
├── list.html
├── single.html
├── taxonomy.html
└── term.html
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Thanks for your help, I’ll look into this further.

The following was what I needed:

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