How to remove tags from sitemap without breaking list page that uses tags?


I have a site with a custom section projects, in those I use tags, just to display I don’t want a page per tag right now.

I had this config disableKinds = ["RSS", "taxonomy", "taxonomyTerm"] but Hugo was still including links to /tags, /tags/tag1, /tags/tag2 even though it’s not generating those pages.

So I added:

  tag = ""
  category = "categories"

Now it stops including the links to non-existing /tags pages but now /projects/index.html is broken, the list of projects is not populating.

Why is that? what is the proper way of removing completely the references to /tags which I don’t need? if anything what I’ll need in the future is /projects/tags/* pages, having pages for /tags makes no sense as I have also /blog section which will include tags in the future.


We cannot know without seeing the source code of the project in question or a minimal example that reproduces the issue you encountered.

Hi @onedrawingperday,

Thanks, in assembling a minimal Hugo site that would reproduce the issue I was able to isolate and find a solution for it :smiley: the problem is that in my site I’m using config/_default/config.toml where the disableKinds setting does not work for some reason, I’ve now moved it to a new config.toml in the root of the project where it now is actually working and the /tags/* links in the sitemap are fully gone.

Is this intended or a bug? since my other settings do work in config/_default/config.toml.

I am tagging @bep since he is the one who can answer your question.