Dynamic search and reload

I’m currently trying to create a search feature that allows a user to search through a list of integrations that are displayed via Javascript, but the Javascript widget isn’t rerendering correctly after the search input changes.

You can find my current code (excluding the Hugo page) on JSFiddle. Is there any way to rerender the widget, so it displays correctly in Hugo?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

So do you have a JavaScript problem? Then you might get faster answers asking in (for example) StackExchange.

Looking at your code, I do not know

  • what you want to achieve
  • which input is supposed to give which result
  • what do you even mean by the “widget isn’t rendering correclty after the search input changes”

How can anyone tell you that if you do not give any details about your Hugo setup? In General, a publicly accessibe repository of your site is considered to be useful for that.

It turns out this isn’t particularly related to Hugo but static pages in general. So I asked the Artifacthub dev team directly, and it turns out that the widget already has the needed functionality, as shown in the following script: keptn integration - JSFiddle - Code Playground.

Sorry for bothering you. Kind regards,
Gilbert Tanner