Reload not affecting Javascript resources

Hi, I am running hugo with "serve", "--gc", "--source", "/site" and include my JS resources this way:

{{ $jsDashboard := resources.Get "js/dashboard.js" | minify | fingerprint }}
<script type="text/javascript" id="script"
  src="{{ $jsDashboard.Permalink }}" integrity="{{ $jsDashboard.Data.Integrity }}" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

However, when I change something in my JS files hugo correctly mentions syncing changes, but no changes are shown in the HTML page until I kill/restart hugo manually.
I have browsers open with developer window, so cache disabled.

That should work, but to eliminate some factors, could you try to run without all of these flags, e.g.: hugo server from the project folder.

@bep thanks for peeking in, I tried serve --source /site with the same issue.

What about removing all the flags (like I said)?

@bep my assets are located in /site, so I need --source. (docker container)