Double slash?

Okay so I am lost. I am trying to build me some website. I installed hugo. Looks like it works. But. In generated html I get double slashes. I ‘compiled’ website with ‘slim’ theme. In generated html on index page I get:

[wrong] //
[wrong] //
[correct] //
[correct] //
err had to remove leading http because “new users can post only 2 links per message”

So some links are wrong but others are correct
Also I do not see a link to my “about” page
All links to css appear suffering from //

BaseURL is specified in config.toml like this:
BaseURL = “

Hi - please run hugo config and paste the results here or a link to a gist.

And, show us the template code that you’re using to generate that. If a trailing // is getting added in some cases and not the other, it feels like the template code is somehow inconsistent.

Did you try removing trailing slash in your URL ie. BaseURL = ""