Forward Slashing

Hello all,

I’m trying to use Hugo for a new tech blog thing. I like it so far, but I’ve never done Go before.

So I have this for a config file:

baseurl = "" languageCode = "en-us" title = "Tech Barracks: Geek News and Nerd Nonsense" contentdir = "content" layoutdir = "layouts" publishdir = "public" builddrafts = false relativeurls = true canonifyurls = true theme = "barracks" footnotereturnlinkcontents = "↩" [permalinks] post = "/:year/:month/:title/" [params] subtitle = "Angry Nerds Making Too Much Sense" description = "Geek Acumen" SidebarRecentLimit = 5 [blackfriday] angledQuotes = true fractions = false plainIDAnchors = true extensions = ["hardLineBreak"]

I have a partial called nav.html that has this line in it:

{{ range $name, $value := .Site.Taxonomies.tags }} <a href="{{ $baseURL }}tags/{{ $name | urlize | safeURL }}/">{{ $name }}</a> {{ end }}

As well as a similar one for categories.

On the front side, when you hover over the link, it displays the link it should properly go to. But then when you actually click the link, it removes the forward-slash before tags.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help.

The issue was a server misconfiguration. Because I use https, I had it forwarding to rather than

So, if someone else finds this post and is using apache2 as their main web server, check your .conf file before going any further and ensure that you have trailing slashes.

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