Does hardLineBreak works with multiple line breaks?

I have been trying to get an option to add line breaks only hitting the enter key when I am writting, I have tried adding

  extensions = ["hardLineBreak"]

in every posible place, and although I think it works because with one “enter” in the md file adds a line break, I think this one has an special behaviour, I mean, it only works when you are in the middle of a normal paragraph and also it doesn’t work if you add more than two line breaks.

That being said, is there a way to add multiple lines hitting enter multiple times in the md file? or should I just manually add more
tags ?

Could you rephrase that? I add multiple lines by pressing enter multiple times all the time. :slight_smile:

yes, what I mean is, I hit enter one time, I get a new line break, I hit enter four/five/six times, I get just one line break.

I would love to have the behaviour you describe @maiki

A line break is for making text stop and continue on the next line. Multiple line breaks in a row isn’t a use case.

I know that might sound strange, but it may be you are trying to use empty lines in your content to control the space between paragraphs. Is that correct?

Markdown accepts HTML, so <br> should do the trick, but the beauty of markdown is how easy it makes semantic markup. Be sure you’re not confusing content and form…

Instead of multiple line breaks you can make use of a paragraph wrapping an invisible non breaking space:







Watch the space above this paragraph :wink:

Yes it is, maybe there is a better way to do it, I was thinking on naturally writing in the md file and see similar changes but I know i can add some html tags as well, I think I will use the solution given by @Grob, thx though

You should not use whitespace and empty lines to create a visual layout. I understand it seems like “natural writing”, but markdown is a not a visual layout system, and on the web we use CSS for what you are going after. :slight_smile:

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@maiki, I understand but I have to disagree, I just want to be able to have three line breaks one after the other, for both, making it easy to read to the final user and also to speed the writing. So from my view, that cannot be considered something just visual, and that is actually de reason of Blackfryday’s hardlinebreak… by the way, I think there is not a different solution than a HTML tag, thanks for your input.

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