New paragraph instead of linebreak

When I use a Markdown linebreak (two spaces at end of line), I can’t manage to create a new <p> tag, instead getting <br>s after each line in a single <p> tag.

Can I be indented?


<p>Hello.<br>Can I be indented?</p>

I’m trying to just indent every Markdown line, so if any other methods can be used, that’d be nice to know as well. (AFAIK I can’t indent after a <br>)
Any help is appreciated!

I always have a cognitive dissonance when talking about this.

A linebreak is not a new paragraph. Like, as a concept. Something to consider. :slight_smile:

What does “indent” mean in this context? Also, if that isn’t what you want to return, please show the HTML you do expect returned. :slight_smile:

Ah ye, concept-wise I guess I wasn’t clear.

I'd like to be another p tag.

(The -s are supposed to be end spaces) I’d like:

<p>I'd like to be another p tag</p>

But I get:

I'd like to be another p tag</p>

By indent, I meant that I planned to apply a text-indent CSS style, and indent each <p> tag.

Markdown isn’t really a standard, but in my experience double spaces add line breaks, via the br element.

Normally to seperate paragraphs one uses a full newline. Which markdown parser are you coming from?

Ah, I guess I’d missed that when I learned Markdown. It does generate <p>s now when I insert full newlines.
Thanks for your help!

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