Does anyone know how to implement pagination in Category?

i have read doc, but it seams i failed to implement pagination in Category, be careful, it’s category, not taxonomy.

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If it’s not a taxonomy, you’ll need to explain.

my English is pool, i mean,
in my /categories, there are my many items, and in this page (localhost:1313/categories/), i need to drag the scroll bar to see the whole page,
i try to use pagination,but i failed. i have not idea how to implement this function
sorry , new to hugo and front end

I’m not exactly sure which bit you are having trouble with. My site has pagination in the taxonomies and I think in that overall ‘categories’ URL you mention.

You can look at my site here and you can see all of the source code on GitHub here to get some inspiration.

I’ve got zero Hugo credentials other than hacking until it works, so what you find in that source code will likely be ugly, but maybe it’ll help!