Docs with v12

Trying to edit the docs with today’s pull of master but using V12 of hugo.

Clicking on a menu item seems to be putting that content into the sidebar.

Has something changed with Hugo since V12 that will render the docs site incorrectly? (in other words do I need to build the latest commit in order to edit the docs?)

This post would seem to indicate that v12 is the issue??

running linux and using firefox.


The master docs require master hugo to build.

v12 docs can be built with v12.

@spf13 having trouble with latest build.

get this error on build (below). Seems related to recent commit.
I do get this error on go get ----- go install: no install location for directory /path-to-hugo outside GOPATH. I am running the go build from a hugo source path outside GOPATH but this directory is symbolic linked into the GOPATH per your documentation.

So is some dependency not being downloaded/installed which is throwning error? Seems other newer dependencies were as I see new folders for them (e.g. fsync)

FYI I have built hugo before succesfully using this setup (hugo source outside GOPATH with a symbolic link to GOPATH

I am using mint/unbuntu.

/home/david/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.3/global/src/ renderParameters.HeaderIDSuffix undefined (type blackfriday.HtmlRendererParameters has no field or method HeaderIDSuffix)
/home/david/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.3/global/src/ undefined: blackfriday.HTML_SMARTYPANTS_ANGLED_QUOTES
/home/david/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.3/global/src/ undefined: blackfriday.EXTENSION_AUTO_HEADER_IDS

The Go tools don’t work with symbolic links this way (it took me a while to learn this). The source needs to be in GOPATH. You can make symlinks outside of gopath to these directories.

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ok I linked the other way around, no more GOPATH error.

still though go get and go build return those same undefined “blackfriday” errors. Commits of the last couple weeks seem to be related. Am I missing something in the source (have latest commit 01/05/15), a package, a dependency?

# <a href=""></a>
helpers/content.go:92: renderParameters.HeaderIDSuffix undefined (type blackfriday.HtmlRendererParameters has no field or method HeaderIDSuffix)
helpers/content.go:109: undefined: blackfriday.HTML_SMARTYPANTS_ANGLED_QUOTES
helpers/content.go:120: undefined: blackfriday.EXTENSION_AUTO_HEADER_IDS

do a go get -u

It will force go get to get all the latest dependencies as well.

Ok I tracked it down

I deleted the blackfriday repository in my sources and cloned a new copy.
then built again only to get another error about cast.
I did the same for cast repository and now it builds.

Still must be better way to fix broken source packages.

So my question is can go get be forced to rewrite all the dependencies??

I see go get has a -fix flag. Will that do this?

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