Docs Updated With Nested Sections

So, we added nested sections in Hugo 0.22 … And now I got my lazy self to document it:

Improvements welcome …

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Example of Breadcrumb in the docs not work for a chain of more than three levels. For URL it generate crumbs only for 1, 4.

OK, I will fix it …

This old code generates crumbs for all levels, but it’s old-fashioned. Implementing breadcrumb navigation in hugo?

I based my take on this on docdock partial, but I must have messed up in the logic … My use case was 3 levels. It should be possible to adapt it.

I just tested it and it works for me:

I suspect your Hugo version isn’t up to date. I “improved” the eq for pages some Hugo version ago, maybe that’s it.

I updated the example with Bootstrap styling so it’s more usable out-of-the box.