Breadcrumb navigation, doc's example explanation

if somebody can help me and explain lines in the example here

I understand that it is quite clear for someone who know Go templating and Hugo’s variables, but I went through all docs and giraffe videos, and still can not clearly understand what is going on there, however I tried it on a dummy site and it works fine.

Like in a good book, each line of snippet usually accompanied with a comment describing what is going on there - makes a lot easier to grasp the thing.

It’s a recursive template navigating from the current page up to the home page. I’m not sure how to explain it simpler – I think you need to understand Go templates and the Hugo data structure to fully understand it, and that cannot be the scope of that particular section. That example also fits into the “advanced usage” category.

Hello! Thank you for your reply!

I just thought that breadcrumb is very important component for any web site and may be worth of a little extra explanation, especially if this is in “advanced section”.

I though just throw few comments like in screen shot attached.
Screenshot from 2017-12-09 17-44-03

Just to help non programmers/amateurs to get through a little bit faster.

Where did you get that screenshot from, if I may ask?

It was from the “Go in Practice” book

The thing is that template in Go is not supposed to carry to much of
functionality (as far as I understand), and everything complex/advanced
there looks much less conscious.

Cool! Found it. The site has a very interesting way of showing, but not exactly showing, unpurchased content :slight_smile: .