Do you still intend to change the license?

Continuing the discussion from Switching to Apache 2 license:

Is this still ongoing? It just seems like the longer this is put off, the bigger a problem it will be, especially since you still aren’t using a Contributor License Agreement. Every commit you get from a new committer means another person you need a signoff from.


Yea, we should maybe put the brake on merging in new contributions until we get a fix for this.

I’m no lawyer, but as I see it, Hugo is in a dual-license state at the moment. People who have signed off on the Apache 2 license and then contributed some work, and then the people who have contributed but not signed off on this license change.

I guess it is an option to continue with SimPL 2.0, but that would effectively be a git reset --hard v0.12 type of thing.

Well, if you start using a CLA, at least you wouldn’t have to hold off on merging new contributions.

We may want to use something like to get license sign-offs on future pull requests.