Hugo v0.15 Released

The v0.15.0 Hugo release brings a lot of polish to Hugo. Exactly 6 months after the 0.14 release, Hugo has seen massive growth and changes. Most notably, this is Hugo’s first release under the Apache 2.0 license. With this license change we hope to expand the great community around Hugo and make it easier for our many users to contribute. This release represents over 377 contributions by 87 contributors to the main Hugo repo and hundreds of improvements to the libraries Hugo uses. Hugo also launched a new theme showcase and participated in hacktoberfest.

Hugo now has:

6700 (+2700) stars on github
235 (+75) contributors
65 (+30) themes

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Fantastic work, fellas.

And now the most trending …

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Excellent! I stay away from HN and Reddit as a rule, but posted the info in the spaces I do hang out :slight_smile: