Next release

it’s been a while, any plans to stabilize things and get out a release?

I think that we are in good shape and should be planning on the v0.13 release soon.

A lot of work goes into each release. It would be great to work on this together.

Here’s a short list…

  1. Merge the pull requests needed.
  2. Update the release notes highlighting the biggest changes.
  3. Highlight new contributors (come up with a list)
  4. Highlight new “team members”. A lot of new people stepped up and became committers and doing an excellent job.
  5. Write a blog post introducing the new release (my hopes here were to have a new hugo blog, but I haven’t gotten to that yet).
  6. Make sure all new features have corresponding documentation (most do, not all).
  7. Revising the roadmap.
  8. Reviewing all Github issues in the current milestone and either complete or move to v0.14
  9. Making sure all the other GitHub issues are properly milestoned

That’s the short list. Would love help from anyone to drive these things. Many can be done now either completely or in part. Feel free to respond if you want to help.


I can help with several of these.

As to current open pull requests, I have a few in open state – some of them “nice to have”, some “obvious 0.13” candidates.
I will check up on those; I can merge my own PRs, but @spf13, you should probably “sign off” or something …

This is the “current list” with my comments:

“Section menu for the lazy blogger”, <-- Nice to have, not important, will have to fix test.
“StaticRelativePath inserts a relative path to static content”, <-- Not sure. Should be innocent enough.
“Add pagination support for sections and taxonomies”, <-- 0.13 scope, I think. Some parts missing, but better than current.
“Feature: GetJson and GetJson in short codes or other layout files.”, <-- This is cool.
“Add writable context to Node and Page”, <-- Nice to have, but very useful and very little risk.
“Add some more Blackfriday options”, <-- Also nice to have and little risk.
“[Docs] Add a note about the plan to switch to Apache License”,
“Allow to access the rest of content after summary”,
“Add related document graph feature”,
“Adding top level .Hugo variable with Version, CommitID & BuildDate”, <-- Needs a fix.
“Added Images to sitemap.xml”,
“Add basic pandoc support.”,
“Add configuration option ‘Title404’”, <-- Maybe not.
“Switching byte buffers to us a pool.”,
“Add support for excluding pages from the feed”,

I see two other issues in the 0.13 milestone that people would expect/hope to be there:

And I agree, a release is long overdue.

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On an added note - I will make sure that my PRs in the pipeline get proper documentation – but that’s not my favourite activity, so I hate to do it until I know it gets merged :slight_smile:

I can also do 2) and then @anthonyfok can rewrite it to be so much better afterwards :slight_smile:

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Is it near a point that we can pull from git and try to compile?

Master aims to always be buildable


I ran

go get -u -v

and now I’m at v0.13, no compilation issues.

$ hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.13-DEV BuildDate: 2015-01-29T16:30:33-06:00

That’s the right build process?