Git Installing Themes not working

I am trying to clone the themes to a local linux machine and the process stops each time on simple-hugo. Github is prompting for authentication but will not accept my credentials. Can someone take a look please. Thanks!

Installing all themes

If you would like to install all of the available Hugo themes, simply clone the entire repository from within your working directory with this command:

git clone --depth 1 --recursive themes

Yep, I get error:

fatal: repository '' not found

If you go to that repo URL, you get a 404. Even trying to get to that user’s GH profile gives a 404. So looks like the user deleted his GH account.

cc @alexandros @digitalcraftsman

Just curious, is there a recommended simple way to skip this single repo?
And, is there a way to tell git to skip failures as an enhancement to the documented command?

git clone --depth 1 --recursive themes

Ok. Someone deleted their theme again without notifying us.

Oh well, another one bites the dust:skull:

I will send a PR to sort this, soon.

Thank you @alexandros. And good catch @mojoa

Try commenting out these lines in the .gitmodules file

Sounds like this has happened before.

Is there any way to download the Themes repository while ignoring errors? I edited the .gitmodules file but am unsure how to proceed after that.

The PR that needs merging is over here:

@digitalcraftsman seems to be away.

Maybe @bep can merge it.

P.S. I’ve no rights in the Themes repo.

It has and we cannot really do anything about theme authors who decide to delete their GitHub profiles and theme repositories.

@mojoa @zwbetz @alexandros thank you for reporting this issue and for opening the corresponding pull request to remove the theme.

The pull requests has been merged a moment ago.

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The deploys failed see:

I forgot to delete the corresponding theme folder.

Removing the entry in .gitmodules isn’t sufficient in this case. I’m about to fix this.

Ok. It’s the /simple-hugo/ folder not the /simple-hugo-theme/ folder (that is another theme)