Disqus with HUGO is not loading

I am trying to add disqus to Hugo and added the shortname to the config file and also added the {{{ template “_internal/disqus.html” . }} The website is not showing anything it looks like it is not rendering anything.

You’ll need to share as much of your code as possible to receive help. If your site is in a public version controlled repo, share that link.

my website is http://edwardgoo.tech/

I am using github to host my website with a custom domain.

I followed everything from the https://gohugo.io/extras/comments/

Is “website-10” your Disqus shortname? That is what is set at https://github.com/Edwardx89/site/blob/master/config.toml#L7.

That doesn’t seem correct, so I would start there, and double-check that is the correct shortname, and that your domain is set in the Disqus settings.

Yeah. website-10 is the shortname per more admin setting in Disqus.

Oh whaaaat? That’s cool, I thought for sure that would be an early, default shortname or something.

Anyhow, since that checked out I checked the docs and the config value is supposed to be disqusShortname, whereas yours is DisqusShortname. That might be it.

Hi malki,

I actually just got it to work. It has to do with the theme using the template disqus.html. I replaced it with my partial one and it worked.

Thanks for your help