Disqus integration not working despite enabling in config.toml?

I want to integrate “Disqus” comment system for my blog. I have added disqusShortname = "-"
parameter in the config.toml file. Still I can’t see disques comment on my posts.

  • I have hosted my blog on X.
  • Here is my config file.
  • I am using Anatole Theme.
  • I have done the steps mentioned in the theme instruction wiki.
  • I have tried different browsers, cleared cookies also verified if the theme is working.
  • I found a site which uses the same theme & disqus has enabled & working in it.
  • I also tried including

comments: true
disablecoments: false

on my post front matter. Stil it is not working. :pensive:

  • I also tried other comment systems like utterences those are also not working.

I don’t know what to do :thinking:. I am new to Hugo. Please help me am I missing anything ? Why can’t I enable Disques on my Hugo Blog ? :pray:

You’ve placed the configuration parameter under the params key. It needs to be in the root table.

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I have edited the config.toml file, still it is not working. a post check

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ChatGPT told me this

Where is the problem ?

Rename your posts directory to post (singular).

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