Multiple tags

I can easily create a taxonomy, such as tags, and list all the tags as well as view each individual tag. But is it possible to view two tags or more on the same page combined?

As an example, in the below markdown file, I have the tags, Apple and New York.

description = "Best Apples"
tags = ["Apple", "New York"]
title = "Best Apples in New York"

To see all tags, the url is:

To see each individual tag, the url is: and

But is it possible to see both tags combined such that the url is something like this: or perhaps:

If this cannot be done through a taxonomy, can this be done with a different approach?

You need to see this thread

Thank you.

Just had a quick look. Sorry to just ask this without much thought, but since you just responded I hoped I might be able to get a quick reply.

The thread you sent along involves the use of several taxonomies and combining those. Am I correct to assume that what I’ve proposed is possible, but it needs to be done through several taxonomies so in my example it would need tags: [“Apple”], and categories: [“New York”]?

In your case you need to create a union list of two terms in the same taxonomy. The thread I pointed you at creates a union list between different taxonomies. But the logic to achieve what you need is in that thread.

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