Difference Hugo server and published site


I have created a website with Hugo and implemented Shopify Buy Buttons. This is working good. If I am developing and running “hugo server” I am getting a German cart and checkout page from the Shopify system. But if I publish the site with “hugo -b https://grasgruen.it” and opening the pages from my webserver after copying to it, Shopify is showing an english checkout page.

Now is the question: Where is the difference and how can I change this behaviour?

The site is published to https://grasgruen.it now.

Thank you in advance

/ Manuel

The language code of your linked page is <html lang="de-de">
Hugo is a static site generator and it has nothing to do with what you describe.

I suppose that when running Hugo server you are using Shopify Payments in test mode and when testing from your webserver you are accessing Shopify in production.

Your question seems better suited for the Shopify forum.

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