How to deploy all the website I made?

Hello guys,

I just finished deploy my 1st website to Github Pages and I was happy.

But the problem I have is only the main page show-up, another page is just 404.

Here is my website: Link
Here is my code: Link
As you can see, when you try to go further, it just all 404, only the main page show-up.

Can you guys please explain why I have this issue and how to solve it.

The links on your front page are broken. They should point to etc.

What is the value you’ve set for baseURL?

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Thank you so much. It works!!

But I have another issue, the image is not show-up, I tried to change the links but it’s not working.
2020-01-14 15_28_42-Window
The image here is in the about page, Link
Can you please help me with this issue?

I’m not familiar with how GitHub pages works, but if you’re going to link to the image that way, you’ll need to use

However, the ‘hugo way’ would be to either

  1. Use Page Bundles and treat the image as a resources or
  2. Put your images in the /static directory. If you were to store the file as /static/art.jpg then you’d reference it in markdown as ![](/art.jpg).
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