GitHub Deployment 404 on content pages

Hi All,

I deployed my site on GitHub

All well on the index page but the about and posts page are not working. getting a 404…

On my local server all is working fine.

[Edited after solution]
Site address is :

all my project folder on github is:

One thing that I noticed is that the /public folder is not rendering the posts and about routes… maybe that is the problem. Does anyone know the solution?

Thanks and regards


You set your post as a draft here draft: true

And on your, hugo run without -D flag enabled.

to build all the drafts use hugo -D, or just make draft: false on your post.

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Hi @pamubay thanks. Solved the problem. It was so easy and did not know that detail. Now it is all working. I am simplified the deployment by putting in a docs folder in GitHub and then do a script to deploy to this folder. Regards. Pedro.

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