Default site launch to /posts/

This may be an easy question for most but I’m not a developer and I am having a hard time figuring it out.
If I want my site to default to /posts/ would I configure that in the config.toml file somehow? Or, is that configured in the theme somewhere (currently using poison theme)?
Example: Here is my test site

But I want it to automatically be redirected to my posts section here:


because I want my visitors to see the table of contents listing view of my posts that is seen in the /posts/ page.

And, how would I configure it?
Thanks in advance.

Instead of redirecting visitors from your home page to some other page, just change your homepage.

Is that done in config.toml file? If so, is that the baseURL section?

Neither. I suggest you raise a question with the theme author:

Will do. Thanks.