Adding [permalinks] to template.toml

Just added my config.toml permalinks section to the theme.toml while working on a custom template. It appears to work but several searches and browsing of the docs do not directly indicate this is a supported feature going forward. I would be happy to submit a small pull request adding this to the docs if people feel it worth it. Thanks.

I don’t see how this could work. ´theme.toml` is only used to generate

Looks like server cache deceived me. Ah well. I do think there is enough justification to allow themes to set permalinks. I will dig deeper into setting them from the type files themselves since config.toml is not an option for themes. I do hope including permalink configuration is something a theme can set.

Why would I want a theme to mess with my permalinks? There is an open issue about a theme setting params. That will happen, but not permalinks.

I wanted to ensure template users had a consistent site navigation experience, and in the case of the template I am making this consistency is important since other theme users are different branches of the same organization. Was hoping to not have to have my users fork a sample site repo and just use the theme instead. There will be tools and other stuff shipped with this theme, which does not nicely fit into the other theme genres currently.

I also want to have a consistent site navigation experience when switching themes.