Deb-get installation of hugo_extended


I came across deb-get again and saw that Hugo is available. However, the version it is pulling by default is the standard version.

I opened a request to add hugo_extended, and the developer responded that, unfortunately, both standard and extended are called Hugo, so the only way to get the extended version is to patch deb-get. And that means, standard users will more likely submit a PR to revert it back to standard because they don’t want the extended version.

I understand the two projects are separate and deb-get isn’t part of Hugo’s distribution network, though I’d like to ask here anyway, maybe there’s a workaround or something.

A side question: is the standard version highly used? I’m wondering if it can be dropped in favour of making extended the default and single version.

But, that’s just me, I’ve always used the extended version. Less hassle on my end. :slight_smile:

The extended version requires some extra dependencies, such as libc6-compat & libstdc++: hugo/Dockerfile at 9dd687027f2b37bdb94d51fed403066b9f7b9a45 · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub

It should not make any practical difference if you are on a normal version of Debian, as they are almost surely installed.

Or consider trying the Hugo APT Repo that I created recently, which includes the extended version :wink::