Dates and Titles don't show up with asciidoc

Problem: Titles and dates don’t appear when using asciidoc

Sites repository: Varun Chari / · GitLab
I’m giving commit hashes to stay under the link quota, as im new here.

I was previously using markdown. Commit feaccd4137c61581d77a71e840783e23eb65bdd8
I switched to asciidoc using a tutorial. Conversion went smoothly, generated markup passes my visual inspection. Commit fccab0c406c3595d90cc12001c100d02e9c61812.

However, titles and dates don’t show up individual pages, nor do they on the “summary” pages that list their children. I forgot what hugo calls these, “taxonomies” maybe? I don’t think this is a problem with asciidoc, when I convert to html using it directly, it seems fine. I’ve attached an example photos. The title is supposed to be aboe the date and author, but the date is wrong and there’s a blank space instead of the title

no title in posts list

Your .adoc files are missing front matter.

A specific front matter attribute, or the front matter section itself? Also I thought hugo used the asciidoc document header

If you want to display the date and title, you need to add the date and title.

Yup that did it.

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