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Hello, I know this is quite old topic, but I just started using this theme and I had the same problem. It turned out that they added the accentColor param into config.toml, so the change of color is quite easy, but I wonder - can anyone advice me how to re-use this element (yellow separator) in the actual content of the .md page please? I would like to use it instead of standard md separator. Thanks!

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Have a look at Inline Shortcodes.

Thanks, I know that it is probably possible to add it using shortcode, the problem is that it is not one of the “official” shortcodes that the theme offers, so that would probably mean that I have to create my own shortcode and search for the element somewhere in html or scss files to re-use it, right? I was just wondering if this has some “easy way” to do it… thank you anyway!


Users have to provide their own theme overrides under <project-root>/layouts/, so that a theme can be upgraded when needed.

Inline Shortcodes call Partials directly from content files these are different than plain Shortcodes.

For example

{{< separator.inline >}}
{{ partial "separator.html" . }}
{{</ separator.inline >}}

Or if it is preferable to use a plain Shortcode its definition can contain the .Inner variable and then in content files it can be called like so:

{{< separator >}}
<-- separator HTML -->
{{< /separator >}}
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