.md content add in .toml

I have a query regarding the .md file content.
I have one .md file and i have used a used hardcode but how can i use all content in config.toml file. is this possible eg( like this

{{ markdownify .Site.Params.additionalText.title }}

and parm additional content used in .toml)?

Why not just try it out? :slight_smile:

I have used this but my browser print as same as.

please check here http://prntscr.com/juvaby

That needs to go in your layout file, not content file. The content files cannot contain bare Go templates (you can have them indirectly… by wrapping them up in shortcodes).


ok you means that content file like that a.md, its content put only this a.md file not config.toml file.

If I understood you correctly …

You can put stuff from config.toml into your content file (a.md), but not directly using Go templates. You need to use Shortcodes (look that up in Hugo docs).

Before going down that route, I’d first check if I can add that content in the layout files itself. That way you don’t need to make unnecessary Shortcode wrappers.

ok i understand.
But I have a major issue regarding this i think you clear my problem easly.
I have used this structure http://prntscr.com/juwkox
and client said he want 2 landing pages on same project like abc.com is main landing page and sec he want abc.com/contractor.
I have ready full code once i have used partials is the main landing page like: abc.com and sec page i have used this through content contractor.md and its working also.

But main concern is that he want why are using this a different because partial content cll in config.toml file and sec content is that same contrator.md

Please have a check this and let me know what can i do for this.

where you see the (page 2 ) partial this is our main landing page and sec one is the content dir with contractor.md. please see in link i have sharing this.