Problem to import image

I try to display my first image but i can’t do it.

I use the the hyde theme

So i put a shortcode in

<!-- layouts/shortcodes/img.html -->
<img src="/uploads/{{ .Get " src" }}" alt="{{ .Get " alt" }}">

I got an image in

And i try to display the image in a post localised in

And this is a part of my posts

title: "2023 08 06 a Sample Post"
date: 2023-08-06T16:54:24+02:00
draft: true

{{< img src="/uploads/2023/black.jpg" alt="Blue is also the coolest color!" >}}


Do you know why i can’t see my image ?

Why do you call your shortcode with the complete image path? It will then output
<img src="/uploads/uploads/2023/black.jpg" alt=...>
And why do you put blanks before the parameters in your .Get calls?
What do your browser developer tools tell you about the img element in the generated HTML?

I change the path
{{< img src="/2023/black.jpg" alt="Blue is also the coolest color!" >}}
This is what i get on my browser developer tools
<img src="/uploads/" alt="">

And the blank before the parameters in my .Get it’s because i got a Auto Indent.

Do you know a Visual studio code plugin that resolve this auto indent problem ?

The space is part of your problem. I use VS Code and I don’t see that happening here.

i change my extension file from .html to .gohmtml now is okay

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