[SOLVED] Hugo watch view doesn't match the actual view

Hi, I’m a rookie in web development as well as hugo. For some reason, I fall in love with Hugo+Github and decide to establish my own website based on it.

I check into the online tutorials and decide to start from the academic theme provided by gcushen.

Everything looks cool when I run local, just as expected.

However, after I compile the files and upload onto Github, the website runs into the display issue:

I’m very confused with this situation. Anyone can give some help? Appreciate the help!

The expected page should look like this:

Make sure that baseurl in your config.toml is set to “https://sctracy.github.io/chensong.github.io/

(I’m also a beginner with hugo, so handle with care :slightly_smiling_face: )

Thank you so much! That fixs the problem indeed.

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well i’ve got exactly the same problem, but my baseurl is correct, dont you know another reason of that?

I assume that you have not generated the site after changing the baseurl.

There is baseurl = "https://outhead.github.io/portfolio1/" in your configure.toml and href="https://outhead.github.io/portfolio/... in the generated content. Mind the 1 after portfolio.