Create Skins for a theme and to choose the skin directly in the website

I would like to implement a theme skin change in a Hugo theme, i.e. having a toggle menu wich allow to choose among 3 or 4 different theme’s palettes (with at least 4 different colors for each skin, let’s say background color, text color, theme main color and link color). This feature should be accessed directly within the site and not exclusively only through the config file in theme directory.
Going through the Hugo themes list, I founded out the Zzo Theme as for an example for this feature, but it’s a little bit complicated for me.
Is there a simpler way to implement this feature, for example through a light part of js script, scss variables for theme skins.?
Thanks for your guidance and ideally for a code example

It’s not complicated.
Refer this post. 3min to read

This is not a Hugo thing. It’s regarding SASS.
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