Themes color change in theme Hello friend ng

is there any way i can change theme color of hello friend ng theme I try modify .scss file in theme folder but its not work is there any other way to do that ?

Unless a forum user of that theme knows what to do, I think that you might get a faster and more informed reply, if you post your question at the issues tracker of the Hello Friend Ng repo on GitHub.

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Yes. You only have to change the value of the background color variables, which are declared in the _variables.scss file, inside the theme folder.

But, don’t modify the file. Declare the background css properties with their new values, inside the main.scss file.

For a more detailed answer, I recommend you post your questions in the theme’s repository:


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The quickest way is to copy the _variables.scss file to your /assets/scss/ directory (NOT in the theme) and add your changes in your copy. This will override that file in the theme and you won’t loose your changes when the theme gets an update.


I agree. This is a better solution. :ok_hand:

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thank you so much its work

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