Cool sites built with Hugo


Continuing Cool sites that run Hugo


Wow, the site is amazing. Had no idea any of this is even possible with HUGO.

What theme even comes close to this?

ATM, Just learning the basics of HUGO and “JAMstack”.

Anything that’s possible with HTML/JS/CSS/etc is possible with Hugo. Hugo is just a way to build static HTML websites faster.


Yes, that’s what I like about it so far.

Built my first website(s) in 1993 before all this crazy JavaScript and CSS stuff :rofl:

But going from Markdown to site is pure genius with fast Golang builds … why didn’t I think of that?

Anyway, good job community! :100:

I see I still have lots to learn, and catch up on. :face_with_monocle:

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Wow, was that for the Mosaic browser? Pretty much no layout back then apart from headings and inline images IIRC!

Yep, the Mosaic browser. SUN workstations. IRC chat.

Back then, there were so few websites, people would send you a message that something was misspelled on your site. So I guess before spell-checkers too! :smiley:

people still do this :joy::joy:

I thought at first that only the marketing splash page was in Hugo but, nope, so are all the documentation pages. :+1:

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I’d say that was made with Docsy.

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Hey there! I built 2 sites using Hugo/Tailwind/DaisyUI

1 -
2 -

Hope you like them :slight_smile:

PS: just wanted to add a big thank you - I don’t do websites professionally, but Hugo made it very straightforward to build (and maintain) those!

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I just discovered that the mailcow project website

is built with Hugo.

(As you may have guessed I am looking at mailservers / groupware).


Seeing your ethnolog site, you’d probably find my new Hugo project interesting: 21 programming cookbooks, in 16 languages: