Cool Hugo Tips & Tricks (Compilation)

  1. Cool sites that run Hugo.
  2. Adding an anchor link next to a header.
  1. Concepts of Hugo, an introduction for beginners.
  2. Building a cookie consent opt-in function for Hugo.
  1. Create description from the summary. (I use this to remove the space between the last character and the ellipsis).
  2. Concatenate two or more CSS or JS files .
  1. Show content ONLY on the first page of pagination.
  2. Integrating Snipcart with Hugo.
  1. Run Hugo on Android.
  2. Related Posts by Section.
  1. Embedding Youtube in a privacy friendly way.
  2. Difference between .Plain, .PlainWords, plainify etc..
  1. How are you implementing site search.
  2. Adding comments to templates.

Perhaps a mod could make the topic a wiki, and @anon44707125 can edit it as one list there.


May I?
15. Automatic WEBP image generation/conversion
16. How to open links in a new tab (links to an external site)

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Cool idea. Unfortunately, I am only allowed to post two comments per post.

  1. Disabling RSS for sections.
  2. Set and show related posts from front matter variables (use filename as the link)
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Eventually you will become a “basic” user on this site, and those restrictions won’t apply to your account; at that time you might reassess how to collect the links. :slight_smile:

  1. Preview your site on any device on your network.
  2. Split an article into multiple pages

I think either the system did not grant that automatically or they are self-assigned by the admin. I have been here for over a month, and in my initial enthusiasm about Hugo, I have done a lot in this forum! :blush:

Frequently changing your username, as you did in February, makes moderators… suspicious. I have unlocked your trust level.


Glad we worked that out… now can we collect those in a wiki topic? :slight_smile:

Not yet there yet. Will do once I reach that trust level. I have over 70 of these tips saved.

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Good to know. I am familiar with discourse via Jekyll and Cloudflare, so I wondered why this forum was acting differently that te other two.

The forum wouldn’t have acted differently had you not opened several duplicate accounts and created several support tickets concurrently.

The Discourse forum software has the tools to detect this kind of activity.

It’s good that @jmooring decided to unlock your trust level but please note that you need to respect the forum rules at all times.

P.S. Also I made the first post into a Wiki -for what it’s worth-.