Retrieve / render existing headings within .Content?

I have a set of .md files which all have the exact same structure (including heading names)

title = "meeting notes test"
lastmod = 2019-06-01T15:49:35+01:00
draft = false

## LOG {#log}

### MEETING My meeting {#meeting-my-meeting}

#### Attendees {#attendees}

-   [ ] Attendee 1
-   [ ] Attendee 2

#### Notes {#notes}

-    Note 1

-    Note 2

I want to change the layout / location of headings in my template.

As an example … I tried to use {#attendees} in a basic single.html file, but it causes an error, is there any way of doing what I want?

{#attendees} is markdown. Markdown is not available in template files. I am not exactly sure what you want to accomplish, but it’s one of two things:

  1. you create a shortcode that does the {#attendees} thing
  2. you use html, as in <a href="something" id="attendees">something</a> which has the same effect as your markdown code.

Thanks that makes sense.

I’d basically like to ‘tokenize’ each of the headings in my markdown file so that I can re-use them atomically (either in partials or in single.html).

I guess that’s not possible in the way I imagined, I’m less familiar with the solutions you mention, do you think they could enable the above use case?

You want to be able to reuse bits from each meeting? Perhaps put the meetings in a data file and use shortcodes to access.