Content doesn't appear in menu

Hello Hugo-nauts

I’m running into a minor issue where I want to add a section to my main menu.

The following sections appear in my menu and work:

  • about

  • portfolio

But when I try and add a newsletter section it won’t appear in the menu.

the folder is structured as

The in that section has the following front matter

title: “Newsletter”
date: 2021-12-29T15:24:03Z
draft: false
Menu: “main”
Rendering using Hugo server -D

I can see in my terminal the changes being made on my local server but when I go to localhost1313 this section does not appear.

adding repo as that may help identify the issue: GitHub - TeldridgeLDN/servicexdesignv2

Hugo does, what you tell it to do :slight_smile:
Have a look at this sample:

title: "Newsletter"
date: 2021-12-29T15:24:03Z
draft: false
Menu: main

(by the way, you can format code properly by adding three backticks before and after it.

Now look at the date: It’s far in the future. Of course Hugo thinks it’s not published yet and does not show the item in the navigation. Change the date to the past and it will show up.

Thank you! It was the future date issue.

Lesson learned today…never work with heavy machinery or hugo code early in the morning

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