Coming from Kirby and now stucking in menu structure


a while ago I had to create a student project page and because I’m not a web designer in any way I needed something really easy. A computer magazine mentioned Kirby as very easy to handle static site generator so I went with Kirby because it was really realldy easy to handle (building the site only with folders and markdown-files was what I was looking for).
Problem: the standard Kirby site template does not provide a menu structure with more than 3 menu levels and now I need more.

So I wanted to migrate to Hugo, tried quick-start (which is quite impressive as first time hugo experience) but now I don’t get how hugo handles the “menu for lazy bloggers” which I thought would be exactly made for people like me. :wink:

What I understood is that every folder I put into content will appear on my Ananke-page if it contains a markdown file and this markdown file will be listed together with other markdown files clicking the folder name listed in menu.
But how do I add a sub (sub…) menu? If I add another folder into a content folder it seems to be ignored for in menu list.

Thx for HUGO and any helping answers!

Ask @budparr who is the maker of Ananke Theme.

Not sure if Ananke is set up to do children of children menus, from the start.

Search the forum for:

menu children of children

… I see a lot of posts on the topic of sub menus in general.

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The lazy menu just pulls in the sections, which are the top-level folders. However, you should be able to add a subfolder to your menu by declaring it in the front matter of a document in that folder. Like this:

Just FYI: It won’t be a submenu (e.g. dropdown) in the site’s menu. I made the theme to be as simple as possible. But am open to suggestion and getting close to working on a 2.0 version:

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