Difficulty implementing menu in new site (Ananke theme)

Hi, I am having difficulty with setting up a newly built site using the Ananke theme. I have installed the theme “successfully” and deployed it using Netlify, yet I cannot get the site to resemble the demo of the theme. The menu doesn’t appear, although pages are accessible through URLs, some content isn’t appearing though. I have read Hugo’s menu template guidelines and have tried following them to no avail. I am starting to think that I took a wrong turn somewhere and made a mistake when building the site. If anybody can help me or point me in the right direction to fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

GitHub Repo

I didn’t clone your site to recreate, but looking at your config file, one thing that pops out is the baseURL is set to just /. Better set this to https://inspiring-kare-8ab2f2.netlify.com/ if that is your actual URL.

Hi @RickCogley, thanks for your advice I have set the baseURL of the website in the config.toml file. Although, I am still at a loss as to how to make the navigation menu or all of the demo content appear.

Are the content files set to draft?

Hi, I checked the content files and none of them is set to draft. I have managed to find that some content can be accessed through URLs such ‘/post’ or ‘/about’ but I am still struggling to get a navigation menu to appear. I have tried a number of the options outlined in the Hugo Menu page, but yet to have any luck.

Your site’s folder structure is quite different from what is normally done. My guess is that if you run hugo server from your project’s root folder, it won’t build a site. There are other ways to setup hugo…but I reckon if you’re having trouble with getting started, stick to the regular system.

Have a look at the Quick Start which explains the regular directory structure.

In your repository, I noticed a few interesting things.

  • your site’s content isn’t in the /content folder, but is one layer down under philsocsite
  • although you’ve got some theme settings in the config.toml file, you’re not really using a theme, instead you’re building your site inside the directory structure of the Ananke theme. Have a read of the themes section in the docs for more information.
  • because of this, you’re instructing netlify to use a subfolder as its base…but in that subfolder you don’t have a proper hugo setup. Have a read of the docs for some more information on configuring netlify.
  • I think this means that hugo isn’t using the settings in your config.toml file and that’s why your menu configuration isn’t showing up on the site.